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Guidelines for Token Valley and Group Moderators

Submitted by Seth Goldfarb on Tue, 12/19/2017 - 15:11
Guidelines for Token Valley and Group Moderators

Token Valley Moderators

Token Valley Moderators play an important role in maintaining the effectiveness of the platform. 

Moderators have the following actions available to them to enforce the rules of the platform:

  • Warning by public and/or private message
  • Removal of offending content
  • Account suspension
  • Permanent ban

Group Moderators

Groups may create their own guidelines so long as they do not infringe upon the rules of the Token Valley platform. They may also appoint moderators equipped with tools for community management. 

Here are some tips for effective group management:

  • Name: Please try to refrain from creating redundant groups and be sure to label your group as "unofficial" if you do not directly represent a brand or organization.
  • Description: Explain the purpose of your group to help users find what they're looking for.
  • Guidelines: Give users a sense of the structure of your group with clear rules for participation. Group Guidelines may be updated as necessary and must remain consistent with the Token Valley Content Guidelines.
  • Active Moderation: Recruit an effective team of Group Moderators to enforce guidelines, answer questions from users, and interact with Token Valley Moderators.
  • Appeals: Healthy communities allow for dissent. Public and private appeals of actions taken by Group Moderators should be addressed in a timely manner with an emphasis toward informing rather than punishing where possible.

Tools available to Group Moderators include:

  • Warning by public and/or private message
  • Removal of offending content
  • Recommendation for account suspension
  • Recommendation for permanent ban


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