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ECOS: A Blockchain Solution for Quality Control in the Food Industry

Submitted by Seth Goldfarb on Sun, 02/04/2018 - 21:48
ECOS: A Blockchain Solution for Quality Control in the Food Industry

Counterfeit food products cost the industry an estimated $10-$15 billion a year, a prevalent issue in China and one that can cause serious illness to unwitting consumers. ECOS offers a solution with a platform enabling developers to create decentralized software for inspection and quality control in the food industry. The company will launch the ECOS token to give developers an incentive to create useful software and allow users to purchase services on the platform. Consumers will be able to use the software to verify the source and authenticity of food products and access valuable information about them.

Founded in February, 2017 by CEO Aleksei Zeleznyak, the ECOS team includes Chief Analytics Officer Nataly Zeleznyak and Chief Web Officer Egor Sporykhin with Cryptor, Trent Projekt, Advendor, Grand Holding, Inpointed, and Hansa Law as notable partners. Not much information about team members’ previous experience could be located but Cryptor Trust offers capital to blockchain startups, Avendor offers cost per action (CPA) advertising, Grand Holding is a corporation based in Armenia, and Hansa Law operates out of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. Potential investors should be wary of the general lack of information regarding the team members and companies associated with ECOS.

The ECOS roadmap, on the other hand, appears optimistically conservative, dedicating much of 2018 to technical and market research and development as opposed to rushing out a beta release for the public. The ECOS’ ICO presale begins on February 14, 2018 with the main sale scheduled from May 15 to June 15, 2018. ECOS tokens will cost $0.10 during the presale and sale with bonuses for early purchases and a cap of $77 million. Ten percent of tokens will be available in the presale, fifty percent in the main sale, and the rest will go toward bonuses, a bounty campaign, and early supporters. Please visit to learn more about ECOS, participate in their bounty campaign, and register for their upcoming ICO.


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