DApp: Trust Dice

Reviewed: 1 February 2019
Trust is a dice game built using trustless blockchain technology, based on smart contract and the game process is fully transparent. Adding custom seeds and auto mode upgrades the experience of the players and the efficiency of awards. Trust dice DApp set up a jackpot program, you win a jackpot when your jackpot roll is 666.
Token of interest
Users 24h
Users 7d
Overall rating:
3 / 5
User experience
Token integration

How to Use

  1. Visit the Trust Dice website (https://trustdice.win/) to access the Trust Dice web version
  2. Install (or access) Scatter (https://get-scatter.com) for the desktop version is recommended. Alternatively, you can create a new EOS address or use your existing one by importing private keys.
  3. Navigate to the Trust Dice website. https://trustdice.win/


The Trust Dice EOS DApp has a lot of functionalities just as most dice game on the EOS blockchain. The probability of winning is determined by the user because it is the user that determines the level of risk he is willing to take using the slider bar. The slider is numbered one (1) to ninety nine (99) but can only be adjusted from four (4) to ninety five (95). Different odds are attached to these various numbers along the slider bar which determines the profit the user will get from a roll. There is provision for Auto play which enables users to set a continuous play on behalf of the user until he stops it.

Yes, Turst Dice is provably fair. Random numbers are generated by the use of two seeds: Server Seed and Client Seed. Before the start of one bet, the Server Seed and is hashed and shown and can be randomized by, the Client Seed can be customized by the player. Since you choose your own Client Seed, there is no way for us to alter the outcome without the verification failing. When you start a game, the seed pairs is sent to Trust Dice's smart contract, which combines the seed pairs to get a random number and decides whether you win or lose, and sends you the winnings you have won.

Mining TXT:

While playing the Trust Dice game, users can actually mine the TXT token up to 50% percent of what is available in the reward pool using the Wager to Mine mechanism (WoM). This mechanism enable users enjoy the experience while they make more profit mining TXT token. All other technicalities as regards the token distribution apart from the mining process can be seen on the screenshots.

Token Mechanics
The TXT token is issued by the Trust Dice platform. Which is used to reward contributors of the Trust platform.
A total of 5 billion TXT token is available for distribution in the following pattern:
TXT release, follows a half life decay pattern with each period being 250 days, with the same number of TXT token release for each day. The released TXT each day will be distributed to members per the percentage of their mining power within that day.
The mining power is calculated as: Mining Power = Wager Amount * (1 + Mining Bonus).
The initial value of Mining Bonus is 0. This can be increase by staking more TXT.
Staked TXT Mining Bonus
≥ 3 000 5%
≥ 10 000 10%
≥ 30 000 14%
≥ 50 000 18%
≥ 100 000 22%
≥ 500 000 25%
≥ 5 000 000 28%
≥ 50 000 000 30%
As at the time of this review the only known issue is centered on technicalities as some users where having technical challenges playing the game.
Final Verdict
The Trust Dice game is created to give users a high satisfaction both in the gaming experience and in profit making. Based on the features the platform contains and the active nature of the Trust Dice team our final verdict of the DApp is 3 out of 5.
User experience
The Trust Dice platform has a well structured dice gaming platform which is easy to understand by users. The platform graphics are interactive and easy flowing. The platform has an FAQ section where users can easily get answers to questions from.
Token integration
Payout is made in EOS and in TXT token. Users can also earn by staking TXT to get a share of the daily profit which is in respect to the mining power of the user.
The team is very active as they are dedicated and work hard on a daily basis to achieve the best. As at the time of this review, there was no future plans made known.
The platform has a robust community on Telegram with nearly 400 members. The community is active with constant ongoing conversations as the admin are always ready to respond to questions and also give information.
With smart contract and scatter implemented the Trust Dice application is secured for users funds not to be at risk.

Overall Rating

Rating 19/25 = Acceptable

< 13 (avoid) | 14-16 (bad) | 17-19 (acceptable) | 20-22 (good) | 23-25 (exceptional)

Technical Diagnostics and Analysis

Speed on Desktop

trust dice speed desktop

Given the app speed on Desktop to be 71 out of 100, we can comfortably say that the app is fairly fast with an average speed.

Speed on Mobile

trust dice speed mobile

Given its speed on mobile to be 1 out of 100, the Trust Dice mobile app has proven to be of poor standing with an extremely slow speed.

trust dice audit 1

trust dice audit 2

trust dice audit 3

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Time to Interactive

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