DApp: Murmur

Reviewed: 1 February 2019
Murmur is a micro-blogging platform that gives users the ability to share freely, control their data, trace the origins of any story to help prevent fake news and get content rewards. Murmur as a decentralized social platform is built on the EOS blockchain, where users get rewards with the MUR token, this reward is based on the frequency of user activities on the platform.
Murmur allow all individuals to openly express themselves on the web as who they are, and connect with their peers and the rest of the world in a truly social way without any compromise on their personal data.
Name Murmur
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Overall rating:
2.5 / 5
User experience
Token integration

How to Use

  1. Visit the the Murmur website (https://murmurdapp.com) to access the Murmur web version or Download app on Google store or IOS app store. Set up a new EOS address (or use your existing one by importing private keys).
  2. Install (or access) Scatter (https://get-scatter.com) for the desktop version is recommended. Alternatively, while using the App version you can create a new EOS address or use your existing one by importing private keys.
  3. Navigate to the Murmur website, Download app on Google store or IOS app store

Functionality & Important Features


Murmur is an open, decentralized social interaction platform that never holds your data or personal information.

Your profile exists independently, separate from the application, and interfaces with the app only for purpose of managing access. This ensures that you retain complete control over the data you share with others, including advertisers and third parties associated with the app, on top of the freedom of content creation. Only remote copy of a user’s public activity is logged in the server. On Murmur, users control their data and convene on democratic governance. It is eminent to note that the murmur app is still in its test Phase.

Token Mechanics
Murmur dApp uses the MUR token which is built on the EOS blockchain to rewards its users. As users participate on various activities on the platform, the MUR token captures this value and reward users for actions performed.
With a total supply of 1 billion, 495 million is reserved for fundraising and users reward/payouts.
Issues discovered on the murmur dApp is centred on security as users are requested to input EOS account private keys on the android app which make users account venerable if there be any hacking. Only the web app has scatter integrated.
The implementation of the team’s roadmap has set back, as deadlines are not been met.
Final Verdict
The murmur app is quite an amazing app for a decentralised social platform where users get rewarded for activities with users data been secured.
Although the app is still in its build up phase. it is expected that when fully launched and all issues with security and keeping to deadline resolved, it will be the perfect app for a decentralised social platform built on the blockchain.
However users should be mindful when using the android app as users are expected to input private. As such we would give our overall verdict to be 3 out of 5.
User experience
Users will have an easy experience flowing on the platform as it is well structured and its flow is easy to understand, this is based on findings from users in the community.
Token integration
Users do get payout with the MUR token as they participate actively on the murmur app. Also on the download of the app from playstore, users do get rewarded with 100 tokens. The distribution of all acquired tokens by users will be done after the official release of the MUR token which is supposed to have been on 30th October, 2018 but has now been postponed for a later date which has not been officially put out.
Team members include ABHINAV RAMESH Co-Founder, AMIT MAURYA Co-Founder and SAMI HUSSENI Product Manager.
From existing activities, it shows the team is not too efficient keeping to promise in executing tasks as the team has missed the set deadline of updating the app before. The team has a future roadmap of Beta 1.0 version of the dApp release, production release on EOS, SDK and API release state channels for instant private messages, as well as a reward system payments channel and finally Ads network.
The community is a fairly young growing community as the murmur dApp is still at development stage and its features have not been fully launched. The community has less than 500 participants in its telegram group.
The security of users is not guaranteed on the android app as users are been asked to input their EOS private keys which puts users at risk on the event of any hacking, although the platform has never been hacked before.
With scatter been integrated in the web app it makes the web app more secured as users do not need to input their EOS private keys into the app.

Overall Rating

Rating 17/25 = Acceptable

< 13 (avoid) | 14-16 (bad) | 17-19 (acceptable) | 20-22 (good) | 23-25 (exceptional)

Technical Diagnostics and Analysis.

Speed on Desktop

murmur speed desktop

Given the app speed on Desktop to be 78 out of 100, we can comfortably say that the app is a fairly fast app having an average speed.

Speed on Mobile

murmur speed mobile

Given its speed on mobile to be 62 out of 100, the murmur mobile app has proven to be of good standing having an average speed which is fairly fast.
murmur audit 1
murmur audit 2
murmur audit 3


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