DApp: EOSCrash

Reviewed: 31 January 2019
EosCrash is a multiplayer EOS gambling game. It’s a real time, simple, and exciting game where you can securely play for fun or to win a fortune. it provides an opportunity for you to try absolutely new and advanced UI, which is build for the most productive play, to interact with each other via robust gameplay and, of course, to make really high profit.
Name EosCrash
Token of interest
Supporting wallets
Users 24h
Users 7d
Overall rating:
3 / 5
User experience
Token integration

How to Use

  1. Visit the EosCrash website (https://game.eoscrash.app/) to access the EosCrash web version
  2. Install (or access) Scatter (https://get-scatter.com) for the desktop version is recommended. Alternatively, you can create a new EOS address or use your existing one by importing private keys.
  3. Navigate to the EosCrash website. https://game.eoscrash.app/

Functionality & Important Features


Every DApp built on the EOS blockchain targets on creating more value to the EOS token and the EosCrash is not an exception. They aim at doing this through their robust multiplayer gambling gaming platform. The game is real time and intend to make the players some profits as it creates value to the EOS community.

What it takes

The EosCrash is fairly user friendly because most of its functionalities are spelt out on the surface which will enable usability. The EosCrash has a bar and a countdown system that informs users that intend placing a bet when is the right time to place their bets.

The bar counts down from 12 to 0 and at point zero (0) all the users are instructed to stop placing their bets or to stop staking. There is a graph that is being plotted using the EosCrash Algorithm that states the level of risks which the user intends to take.

If a user choose a particular risk level (ie from 1x and above) and the graph crashes at any level below the risk point chosen the player, then the user is entitled to the odds allocated to the point at which the graph crashes, but if it happens to crash above the risk level that the user choses, then the user is entitled to nothing.

Token Mechanics
The EOSCrash platform uses the CRASH token as its utility with maximum CRASH token supply available at 28 million. Out of the 28 million token supply, 10% is for team pool, 10% for bounty program, 30% for mining and 50% for token sale is planned to be released on a pre-sale. The pre-sale tokens will be used for CPU, RAM, servers which are initial resources needed for the game. The rest will be spend for ongoing marketing and development activities unsold tokens will be burned or/and put into the mining pool with equal proportions of 50/50.
Of the profit generated, 60% will be shared to token holders as payouts for staked tokens, while 40% will go to team as ongoing expenses.
It was observed that there is no tutorial on how to play the game. This will serve as an issue as users might not find it easy understanding the game flow.
The implementation of the team’s roadmap have set backs, as deadlines are not been met.
Final Verdict
The EOSCrash is a uniquely built DApp gambling game with a unique style of game and a cool user interface. Based on its features, token mechanism and style of game. Our overall verdict will be 3 out of 5.
User experience
The EOSCrash has a wonderful interface but not too cool of its graphics. There is no tutorial on how to play the game and as such may pose a little difficulty for some users to understand the flow of the game.
Token integration
The EOSCrash rewards users by payouts with the EOS or CRASH Tokens. Users also get to benefit from the dividend pool when they make a stake.
The team is dedicated and has a roadmap which they have kept to so far as the team just released the beta version of the Crash game in November, 2018. The team also has a future plan to implement and start DIvidends payout by 14th, of December.
The EOSCrash is with a gradual growing community with over 300 members. Discussions in the community is frequent with the admins tending to users adequately.
Scatter together with an EOS smart contract which is impenetrable is implemented into the EOSCrash game . This makes users security guaranteed to a reasonable extent.

Overall Rating

Rating 18/25 = Acceptable

< 13 (avoid) | 14-16 (bad) | 17-19 (acceptable) | 20-22 (good) | 23-25 (exceptional)

Technical Diagnostics and Analysis.

Speed on Desktop

eoscrash speed desktop

Given the app speed on Desktop to be 94 out of 100, we can comfortably say that the app is a very fast one with a fast speed on desktop.

Speed on Mobile

eoscrash speed mobile

Given its speed on mobile to be 5 out of 100, the EOSCrash mobile app has proven to be of low quality.

eoscrash speed audit 1

eoscrash speed audit 2

eoscrash speed audit 3


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Speed Index

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Time to Interactive

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First Meaningful Paint

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