BIG Winner Review

Reviewed: 31 January 2019
The BigWinner gaming/gambling platform launched on the EOS blockchain targets at creating profit for users through its high level dividend reward system and the dice rolling experience for users by mining BIT in the process. The sole function of this token is to provide dividend to token holders and players, who contribute to the BigWinner game platform thereby creating value to the EOS blockchain.
In recent times various Apps and games have been launched on the EOS blockchain. Most of these games have so many things in common because they are all built on the same blockchain. Just like every other DICE game on the blockchain whose intention is to add value to EOS, the BigWinner dice game is not an exception because their aim is to create value while giving dividend to its users in form of BIT token.
Token of interest
Supporting wallets
Users 24h
Users 7d
Overall rating:
2.5 / 5
User experience
Token integration

How to Use

  1. Visit the BigWinner website ( to access the BigWinner web version
  2. Install (or access) Scatter ( for the desktop version is recommended. Alternatively, you can create a new EOS address or use your existing one by importing private keys.
  3. Navigate to the BigWinner website.


BigWinner Dice:

The BigWinner dice game unlike all regular dice game on the blockchain has a friendly interface. They still retain the regular process of various dice games but with few modifications. There is a slide bar that spans from 5 to 95 stating the probability of winning. Users can only select 5 to 95 where each numbers at states the level of risk the user is willing to take. The slider has 5 major notable points which are 5%, 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 95%. At point 5%, a roll under or over yields 24.5x or 1.03x respectively depending whether it’s a roll under or over. This applies to all the various points or numbers on the slider bar. These points are just to help the user quickly identify the level of risk he is about to take. There is also, various point from 5 to 95 as said earlier. The two major options are a Roll Under or a Roll Over.

Node Selection:

Unlike other DApps on the EOS blockchain the BigWinner team has made provision for users to choose faster nodes that will enable their transactions move faster in milliseconds. Most users who would prefer the Auto play option would want to time their transaction using their preferred speed and this has made room for that. It is an innovative aspect that has been included by the BigWinner Team.

Token Mechanics

BIT is the token of utilization for the EOS BIG Winner platform. The BIT token has a total of 3 billion available token for distribution in the following proportion.

The token will be distributed as the game runs, with the mining deficiency decreasing by 20% along with 5% of BIT mined.


Language barrier is an issue here as the telegram group of the platform is been run in Chinese language. This might discourage some users not proficient in Chinese language from participating in the BIG Winner platform.

Final Verdict

Base on the simplicity of the gaming platform which makes it easy for users to play the game for pleasure and at same time getting reward, our final verdict will be 3 out of 5.

User experience
The platform is well structured with an easy flowing game guide to help users interact better with the game structure. The game platform is built in both English and Chinese languages.
Token integration
Payout for the Big Winner platform is in EOS and BIT. Users can also stake to get dividends in EOS which is distributed every 24 hours.
The team is dedicated to its work. The only challenge seen, is its inability to carry English speaking users along as their telegram group is been run in Chinese
The BIG Winner platform has a community in telegram with over 50 members. The group is been run in Chinese language.
With smart contract and scatter implemented the EOS BIG Winner is a secured DApp for users’ funds not to be at risk.

Overall Rating

Rating 17/25 = Acceptable

< 13 (avoid) | 14-16 (bad) | 17-19 (acceptable) | 20-22 (good) | 23-25 (exceptional)

Technical Diagnostics and Analysis

Speed on Desktop

speed on desktop

Given the app speed on Desktop to be 96 out of 100, we can comfortably say that the app is very fast with maximum speed.

Speed on Mobile

speed on mobile

Given its speed on mobile to be 74 out of 100, the BIG Winner mobile app has proven to be of good standing with an average speed.




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