Searching for dApp Analysts

Token Valley is looking for qualified candidates for our dApp Analysts Army. You will research and stay up to date with the latest decentralized applications and summarize the data. This position consists of aggregating of content from many sources, describing dApp features, target audience, competitors, and utility of tokens. If you are interested in writing in-depth reviews, please contact us via telegram.

A short history about ourselves:

We started as a team in May 2017 to build an ICO rating system. However due to the current market conditions, we have now decided to pivot to become a platform offering reports and evaluations of dApps on various blockchains. We burned through our original funding for the ICO platform, so are now bootstrapping the pivot with very limited funds. Our goal is to quickly build the new Minimum Viable Product, and then utilize the platform, format, and writers to be the official evaluation partner of a Chinese dApp competition that concludes in mid January 2019. In that same process, we will be seeking VC funding which will be used to continue paying analysts beyond the MVP stage. The proprietary platform which we have been building for the past 1.5 years is very powerful, and allows for reports to be published under each analyst's personal analyst profile. As such, analysts can publish under their own name/alias while building their personal brand as a dApp analyst while learning about the dApp & EOS world. In this early bootstrapping phase which consists of the founders using their credit cards to get the project off the ground, we are able to pay $30 per report. We recognize that quality work is worth more than that, so we intend to provide bonuses to all analysts on a per-article basis as soon as we receive some level of external funding, which we hope to achieve in January 2019. We want to support our analyst's education and development, so we want to generally allow them to write about whatever dApps they find personally interesting and exciting.