Conflict of interest

At Token Valley, we strive to provide unbiased, neutral dApp ratings and reviews in order to better inform users. Our platform exists because we believe it is important for this information to be out there, accessible to the public whether they are dApp users, developers, investors, researchers, or curious bystanders.

You may wonder how we can remain neutral and unbiased in the largely unregulated crypto environment where financial stakes are very high. You are right to wonder! ICO rating sites have seen extreme levels of controversy, with documented cases of bribery and corruption.

This question is especially important as we are a for-profit company. The time and efforts of our analysts costs money, not to mention servers, web design, and accounting to name a few. As such we have to rely on many of the projects we rate to keep ourselves operating.

Our goal is to EVENTUALLY feature full-length reports of all major dApps. Our resources are currently limited, so we are operating on a ‘bounty’ system where anyone can ‘sponsor’ us to write a full report on any dApp. For every sponsored report, we commit to creating one additional report for another dApp. While we may well get to any specific dApp eventually, it may be in the interest of dApp teams to sponsor themselves with us so that we get their report out within a week or two.

Advertising is different from sponsorship, and we offer ad opportunities. These may include banner ads, sponsored blog posts, and social media mentions of said blog posts/reports and more. Sponsored blog posts may be written by the project (and be clearly marked as such), or by our writers (but still being marked as ‘sponsored’ to some degree).

While we reserve the right to deny listing / reviewing / promoting / blogging about any project for any reason (such as being likely to be a scam), we make no suggestion that there are no fraudulent projects listed / promoted / blogged about on our platform. Up to 80% of all ICO’s in 2017 were scams, so do your research (that research is what we exist for, coincidentally..)!

Please note the following (both for our readers and potential sponsors):

     Sponsoring a report DOES NOT guarantee (or even suggest) a good rating or positive commentary. It only means we will place the sponsored project near the top of our analysts ‘to-do pile’.

     The individual processing payments & communicating with the sponsor IS NOT an analyst and DOES NOT create report content (at least for the dApp in question).

     The dApp analyst(s) who creates the report does not necessarily know if the report was sponsored, or by whom.

     Sponsors / dApps WILL NOT be put into direct contact with the analyst responsible for reviewing them.

     The only case in which we will change a report based on a dApp / sponsor request is if they point out factual errors that we can verify.

     All payments are non-refundable. Reviews will not be taken down after being posted without good reason (the dApp not liking it is not a good reason)

     Any blog post that is not marked ‘sponsored’ is created on our own volition to reflect the opinions of individual analysts, without payment of any kind from the subjects or their rivals.

WARNING to dApps that want to ‘grease our wheels’ with extra cash: This industry is the wild west, rife with bribery and corruption. Trust is earned slow & lost fast. One of the best things we can do to increase our reputation as impartial and incorruptible, is to publicly call out any project that attempts to pay us or our analysts for an unearned score or review.