Greetings from Token Valley!

Token Valley is excited to finally launch and would like to invite you to join our exciting new platform!

The Token Valley platform will serve the cryptocurrency community as the premier source of crowdsourced, cryptocurrency-related educational materials, an academic hub featuring networking opportunities and peer-reviewed reports, professional ICO analysis, and blockchain consulting. 

Investors, researchers, academics, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts can use our platform to become educated in the basics of financial technology and connect with a thriving community of blockchain professionals.

Our mission is to be the most reliable network of information on blockchain technology, digital currencies, and Initial Coin Offerings.

Planned features and services include:


  • Coin Profiles

    • Follow your favorite coins to receive customized newsletters

  • Exchange Profiles

    • Forum-based community analysis and rating

    • Country-based recommendation tool

  • ICO Profiles

    • Q&A section allows direct discussion with developers

    • Follow your favorite ICO’s to receive customized newsletters

  • Cryptocurrency Glossary

  • Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Events

  • Crypto-Hedge Fund Profiles

  • Bug & Bounty Database


ICO Analysis

  • Token Valley analysis and rating

    • Token Valley’s ICO rating system and the outline for official Token Valley ICO analysis will be determined by core team members, the analysts we hire, and the top contributors of community ICO analysis as determined by the voting system.

  • Forum-based community analysis and rating

  • Trollbox with weekly AMA’s and interviews with developers, analysis and other blockchain professionals

  • Follow your favorite coins to receive custom newsletters



  • Compilation of blockchain-related, peer-reviewed educational materials
  • Facilitation of peer-review and publication
  • Digital and events-based networking opportunities



  • News
  • Analysis
  • Guides


Blockchain Consulting

Token Valley provides customized services including ICO consulting and facilitation, digital asset and dApp creation, and marketing services for projects in the financial technology sector.

Current projects include:

Oleum Capital eCoin









  • Social media profile with networking capability
  • Rate and contribute content
  • Gain influence as a helpful community analyst


We aim to equip a complete newcomer to the world of digital tokens with the tools and knowledge necessary to jump in as an investor, developer, educator, or analyst and potentially inspire new applications of the technologies at our disposal and we're excited for you to join us on this mission! Popular contributors will receive rewards and gain reputation among the community as premier analysts and guides. 

Feel free to contact us with questions via the contact page linked in the header and sign up today to join our wonderful new community!

Authored by

Seth Goldfarb

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Greetings from Token Valley!