Narrative: A Tokenized Content Economy

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Narrative is a decentralized platform rewarding content creators, moderators, and other users who positively contribute to the quality of content in the ecosystem. The network aims to transform social media platforms and content publications with a model creating incentives to benefit social media users. Narrative has established and “open-door policy,” vowing that all actions and financial matters will be published for all users to see and decentralized governance will allow users to play a significant role in the management of the system.

The main roles of the organization will be developing software, managing the infrastructure, and marketing the network to make it global. All content ownership will be retained by the users who also elect moderators, establish standards for ads that appear on the network, and elect a tribunal tasked with overseeing content and data on the network. Users can post as individuals, niches, or brands, and a reputation and content scoring policy will be used to ensure top-quality content receives the most rewards.

Narrative will conduct an ICO that will allocate 50% of the genesis tokens to crowdsale purchasers. The token will be priced at $0.62 initially, with discounted tokens available during the private presale at $0.48. Public presale price will be $ 0.55. To learn more about Narrative, please visit their website at https://www.narrative.network/.

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Seth Goldfarb


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Narrative: A Tokenized Content Economy