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Cryptics plans to offer a “decision assistant” platform incorporating machine learning, data from exchanges and top traders, and social signals to provide cryptocurrency analytics based on artificial intelligence. The presale began on October 30, 2017 and the ICO will be held in March, 2018. 31% of tokens will be split between founders, advisers, and partners; 3% will go toward a bounty program, and 66% will be offered to the market. Team members include Co-CEO covering Project Management, IT, and Marketing Stanislav Maer, Co-CEO of Strategic and Process Management Oleg Tereshenko, CTO Maxim Maslennikov, and Financial Analyst Alex Voronetsky.

The platform does not appear to be wildly popular so far with only 2,300 users and the general lack of correlation between price fluctuations in cryptocurrency undermines the core of the project. As long as whales can manipulate digital currency markets, no amount of data can account for the element of randomness introduces by human whims but once a number of projects fail and the blockchain market matures then the markets will be more likely to reflect the type of information that would be sensitive to the analytics deployed by Cryptics.

To learn more about Cryptics, please visit their website at https://cryptics.tech/.

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Seth Goldfarb

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Cryptics: Cryptocurrency Market Analysis