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MoxyOne: A Debit Payment Infrastructure Platform

Submitted by Seth Goldfarb on Sat, 01/06/2018 - 18:08
MoxyOne: A Debit Payment Infrastructure Platform
Moxy Homepage

MoxyOne will be launching an ICO for the SPEND token, a digital currency backed by a debit card that will allow holders to carry and spend a variety of tokens and a payment infrastructure allowing any project or ICO with a token to integrate with the wallet. The ICO presale will last from February 8th to March 10th, 2018 with the main sale taking place from March 14th to April 14th, 2018. The debit card is projected to be launched in Q2 2018 with spending enabled in Ether while SPEND and partnering tokens will be integrated in Q3 2018 and SPEND tokens will be listed on Cryptopia at the end of the token sale.

Cofounded by Lead Developer Mo Abbas and Lead Front End Developer Tanshul Kumar, MoxyOne has partnered with Social to provide a custom debit card to their token holders.1 Users can earn rewards by providing liquidity or referrals to the network. Raiden Network will be used for network solutions and Gladius for security. ICO's wanting to enable seamless transactions between their tokens and the user's native currency with an attractive promotional tool could make MoxyOne a popular item, but with Visa's recent move dropping cryptocurrency-backed debit cards from their network it may be a slippery slope.2

To learn more about MoxyOne, please visit their website at



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Cybertrust ICO

Submitted by Charlie Kolacki on Thu, 11/30/2017 - 08:53
Cybertrust ICO
Cybertrust ICO

Pre-ICO Round: 9:00 PM Wednesday, November 29, 2017 (EST)

ICO Round: 9:00 PM Tuesday, December 5, 2017 (EST)

Goal: 25,000 ETH (Soft Cap)

Raised: 42,770.81 ETH


White Paper:


        For users with unsecured coins, the world of cryptocurrencies can be dangerous. The potential of theft and difficulties proving ownership can make cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, a risky investment. Many individuals, funds, banks, and other institutions have not participated funds to the crypto-market, due to the steep risks involved with the ownership process.


Cybertrust works to bring a solution to four key issues with cryptocurrency, they have identified:

  • No titled/auditable ownership

  • Clearing and settlement risks are abnormal

  • No process of judicial recovery

  • Risk of theft via cyber security breach


        Addressing and providing solutions to these problematic areas of cryptocurrencies, allows for an enhancement to the market overall. Cybertrust provides safety to cryptocurrency investments giving those who previously haven't invested, the opportunity to do so now.


        Users can deposit their cryptocurrency, along with the appropriate amount of CABS (Cybertrust’s securitization token) and they then receive a token derivative. Cybertrust calls these derivatives GCNs (Global Crypto Notes). GCNs are secure and give users the ability to trade as they would with other derivatives. While cryptocurrencies may have withholding factors for institutional investors, GCNs can be treated as an asset.


        While there are similar secured cryptocurrency derivatives, like Grayscale GBTC, derivatives from the Cybertrust protocol would trade at a significantly lower premium. As of November 27, 2017, GBTC price was traded at about a 47% premium. While securing one BTC using Cybertrust CABS costs 0.6 ETH (about $280), about a 3% premium. Cybertrust’s method is more cost effective than other means of securing cryptocurrencies.


        Cybertrust S.A. was set up in Luxembourg, in September, 2014. The project was initially structured as a fund. Due to legal issues, it was later changed to it’s current format as a securitisation system. The CABS ITO is scheduled for this December and the Cybertrust team plans to list the token on C2CX and other crypto-exchanges in January, 2018. The system can be used for BTC, ETH, and Bitcoin Cash. Plans to approve Cybertrust GCNs, for clearing and settlement, are currently set towards 2018 Q2. Cybertrust also plans to make the top 20 liquid cryptocurrencies available for securitisation by the end of 2018.


The Cybertrust team has a background in blockchain and investment services:


CEO - Scott Freeman is experienced in international business, as well as technology services. In 1996 he co-founded the IT Group in China and continues in his role as CEO. Scott Freeman is also the CEO of the Shanghai-based Crypto Exchange C2CX.

Managing Director - Evgeny Xata has prior experience in investment banking and consulting. He has helped create and sell three ventures. Evgeny has previous experience in blockchain, as a managing director at Blockchain R&D Labs for over 2 years.

Managing Director - Nick Lustiger has prior experience in a diverse set of ventures. He has also worked with Ernst & Young, a product partner and auditor of Cybertrust.

Head of Operations - Parker Fairfield has worked in China 20+ years and has experience in Fintech, as well as other related areas.

Head of Legal & Compliance - Evgeniya Gubar

Full Stack Developer - Pavel Shelldyaev

Web Development Project Manager - James Kehagias

Content Production - Adam Yates

Design - Artur Arsyonov


        With the cryptocurrency market cap growing more than 2000% over the past 12 months, some institutional investors have developed an interest in cryptocurrency. Some traditional investors, who were once doubtful, feel cryptocurrency is valuable and innovative for the future of finance.


        With many barriers for investment in cryptocurrency, these institutions are searching for ways to participate in the crypto-market. Exchanges like CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) are making BTC futures available to investors. Investors also have the option to invest in cryptocurrency derivatives like Grayscale GBTC.


        The CABS token will provide an appealing option for investors concerned with security of cryptocurrencies. Many investment institutions will have the opportunity to invest in crypto, through Cybertrust’s system. Cybertrust’s system is likely to be more appealing than similar options, due to its comparatively lower premium and it’s additional advantages. Future plans will give investors the ability to buy any of the top 20 liquid coins and secure them using the CABS token. Rather than buying a derivative from an institution, users will secure cryptocurrencies they buy or already own. This system would make investing in a diverse range of cryptocurrencies much easier than buying multiple coin-specific derivatives from different institutions.




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